👋 Please join us for our fourth Socratic Seminar. A special thank you to AssemblyNFK for the event space! 🙏

Please make sure you are RSVP’d for entry via Meetup to gain access to the building.

For this session we can start with a quick recap on BOLT-11 and the draft specification for BOLT-12 before jumping into a presentation on Lightning Addresses.


  • No photos, videos, audio recording
  • Chatham House Rule
  • Leave the meeting space as clean as you found it
  • Suggest topics for the next Socratic Seminar!

Bitcoin Core

  • Optech Newsletter #249
    • This week’s newsletter summarizes an analysis of using a flexible covenant design to reimplement the OP_VAULT proposal, summarizes a post about signature adaptor security, and relays a job announcement that may be particularly interesting to some readers. Also included are our regular sections describing new releases, release candidates, and notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software.
  • Chaincode Labs Podcast: Tadge Dryja - Lightning History and everything else