👋 Please join us for our second Socratic Seminar. A special thank you to AssemblyNFK for the event space! 🙏

We will be meeting at Assembly again! Please make sure you are RSVP’d for entry via Meetup.


  • No photos, videos, audio recording
  • Chatham House Rule
  • Leave the meeting space as clean as you found it
  • Suggest topics for the next Socratic Seminar!

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  1. Route Blinding Vanilla lightning payments have great privacy properties for the sender of a payment, but quite bad privacy for the recipient. Route blinding is a proposal to fix this gap. It works by having the payment recipient conceal the last few hops of the payment route using cryptographic blinding. And after 2.5 long years it’s almost ready for use in the real world!

  2. Opening and announcing a pre-taproot LN channel Elle Mouton drops another 🔥 blog post chock full of diagrams all about the steps required to open a lightning channel today (pre-taproot).